Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Blog, New Books

Well. Here it is. I'm officially a blogger. I've become addicted to reading them, so I thought I should try it out for myself. As a teacher I have found blogs to be a helpful way to find out about new books and technology. I have met so many new people through this online community. Because of this, I thought it was time to give back and share what I'm doing in my own classroom.

Today I read a great book to my kids by Jan Thomas. They are huge fans of What Will Fat Cat Sit On? so I was excited to read them The Doghouse. They LOVED it. Read it again! Read it again! they started to chant. How could I not? The book is laugh out loud funny and I'm sure any beginning reader will love it. I just picked up A Birthday for Cow from the library. I can't wait to take it to school tomorrow.