Monday, March 2, 2009

Keeping track of class reading

I got this idea from the Choice Literacy website. It was in a video done by The Sisters. They were showing parts of their classroom and they showed a space on their wall where they kept track of the books that they had read aloud to students. When they finished reading a book, they simply wrote the title down.

I have found this simple little thing to be very powerful for my students. They never forget to remind me to write down the name of a book we have read. We label books as being poetry, non fiction or fiction. This helps us to see where we need to expand as readers. I also think that having this list in a place of prominence in our classroom helps them to feel proud of the amount of reading that we have done.

I made the log out of the paper used to cover bulletin boards. When the list got too long for the board, I simply rolled the top of the paper around a pencil to create a scroll.


  1. Hi there -- I came over from a link on Creative Literacy. :)

    I love this idea - I think my kids would get a kick out of doing something like this at home. Welcome to the blogging world!

    Amy @ Let's Explore

  2. This is so impressive. There are a few teachers at my school who manage to do it each year. I always have great intentions and never manage to follow through. I love the way you scrolled it, because one of my rationalizations this year was that we would read way too many books to fit on a list.

    Welcome to blogging! It's great to see more primary voices out there.

  3. I started this too in my room (I teach second grade), but I copy the front of the book...for my visual learners. I decrease the size of the actual cover on the copy machine and then staple them on the wall. I always find, however, that I forget sometimes and also that I run out of room...but it's nice to look back and have a picture to go with the title. Looking forward to reading your blog!